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《Yoga Gravity Tachikawaヨガグラビティタチカワ》

2023年9月より立川でのShinnosuke Yogaの活動は《Yoga Gravity Tachikawa》として発動しました。







Yoga Gravity Tachikawa

代表 髙岡慎之助

From September, the activities of Shinnosuke Yoga in Tachikawa will be reborn as Yoga Gravity Tachikawa.

Until now, I will continue my classes at Tachikawa Yoga Home as they are, and I will add new classes in the new space.

Based on my experience so far, within the scope of yoga, I will focus on teaching as much as possible without blurring the concepts I believe in and what I want to convey, and at the same time, I will be able to meet the needs of the participants. I will do my best.

From the point of view of posture and movement, we respect the individuality and characteristics of those who come to me, rather than just sticking to the finished form of yoga poses and movements in class. We are seriously thinking about taking an approach that will have an impact on the world.

Furthermore, as a new challenge, I would like to make the content delivered not only to some yoga enthusiasts and yoga teachers, but also to the general public in the area, and to those who really need yoga from now on.

I would be happy if I could contribute to the health and happiness of people and the adjustment of the mind and body through the habit of practicing yoga.

To those who have taken care of me so far, and to those I will meet in the future, thank you very much.

Yoga Gravity Tachikawa

Shinnosuke Takaoka

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《Yoga Gravity Tachikawaヨガグラビティタチカワ》